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All About Estate Litigation in Toronto

Estate Litigation in TorontoWe work hard to earn the right to possess properties and familial things that give us joy. Sometimes the unthinkable happens. We end up having to rely on legal counsel to sort out differences regarding an estate that is rightfully ours. This is where estate litigation assistance comes in useful.

Q: What is estate litigation?

This is a relatively new field in litigation and so only a small community currently exists to handle related affairs. Estate litigation is about helping 2 or more parties resolve conflicts on estates, following the legal method. Legal advisers working in this sector handle various issues for beneficiaries, personal representatives, and interdependent partners of estates.

Q: What are the issues that come under the purview of estate litigation?

  • Adult interdependent partner claims
  • Dependent relief claims
  • Removing personal representatives that cannot keep their promises or fulfill their duties and responsibilities
  • Making sure that the estate administration is carried out properly and in accordance with a will and/or the wish of the testator.
  • If any dispute takes place, freezing the assets so that neither party can try to take advantage of the situation.
  • Analyzing the capacity of the testator to write his will without influence from outsiders
  • Administering the estate if another will is produced.

A good litigator uses his experience when dealing with clients and tries to create the right atmosphere for the parties to talk out their issues. 

Q: What are the services provided by estate litigation firms?

The experts in this field in Toronto help in resolving disagreements related to trusts, wills, and estate administration issues. They provide guidance, advice, referrals, and they negotiate, mitigate, and litigate on behalf of their clients. They undertake both prosecution and defense, seeking court action if it is in the best interest of their client.

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