Monday, June 19, 2017

Solving Common Legal Issues with a Lawyer in Toronto

When does a breach of contract occur?

An experienced lawyer in Toronto will tell you that a breach of contract arises when one of the parties who are listed on the contract fails to perform the duties that are stipulated under the agreement. If you are the party who has been affected, your company or you have a right to receive compensation. In special circumstances, you may be able to seek specific performance for the fulfillment of the obligations outlined in the agreement. Disputes regarding breach of contract tend to center on the interpretation of the agreement and the relevant regulations and legislation that are in consideration. Therefore, it is important that you employ a reputable and experienced legal team.

What is a wrongful dismissal?

A wrongful dismissal occurs when an employer terminates an employee under circumstances that are in violation of the employment contract. In turn, these give rise to an employee’s right to pay in lieu or reasonable notice of termination and the employer does not fulfill this obligation.

What is a constructive dismissal?

It comprises unilateral actions carried out by the employer which lead to a fundamental change to the employment contract. In turn, this permits an employee to consider the employment relationship to have been ended.

Can a lawyer in Toronto help me with a defamation issue?

Yes. Defamation comprises a false statement to a third party that causes damage to the finances, well-being or reputation of an individual, company, or organization. The legal test that is applied to assess whether a statement is damaging is to assess whether the statement can cause a negative impact on the opinion of the organization, company, or individual in the minds of others or make them vulnerable to ridicule, contempt, or hatred. As the defamation test is objective in nature, the offended party will have to prove that an ordinary reasonable person has understood the statement as defamatory.

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